Grove Park Community Group
Postal Address:
268 Baring Road
Grove Park
SE12 0DS
Telephone: 020 8857 7980
Registered Charity No.: 1046082
Chris Blake
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The Ringway Centre

The Buildings

The Ring Centre The Ring Centre 2

The Ring Centre 3 The Ring Centre 4

Rhe Ring Centre 5 The Ring Centre 6


Hiring the Centre


For information about hiring the Ringway Centre please telephone the Ringway Centre Office on 020 8857 7980, or email info@gpcg.org.uk.

Desible Acces

The Centre has full disabled access.


The Great Ringway Birdwatch


The staff at the Ringway log the wildlife at the Ringway on a regular basis. In particular it is surprising how much birdlife there is in such an urban area – attracted no doubt by the fantastic green spaces around and behind the Centre buildings.


Here is a list of birds seen at the Ringway over the last few months:


Green Woodpecker Great Spotted WoodPecker Blue Tits
Great Tits Wrens Long Tailed Tits
Robins Greenfinch Jays
Magpies Carrion Crowns Hawfinch
Ring-necked Parakeets Song Thrush Blackbirds
Wood Pigeons Stock Doves Rock Doves
Pied Wagtails Collared Doves  

…and evidence (feathers on lawn) of a visit by a Sparrow Hawk!


20 species at least - an impressive list.


Ernie Haddock