Grove Park Community Group
Postal Address:
268 Baring Road
Grove Park
SE12 0DS
Telephone: 020 8857 7980
Registered Charity No.: 1046082
Chris Blake
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Organisation & Structure


The Committees and sub-committees of the Grove Park Community Group (GPCG) are:


The General Committee

This is the main committee whose officers and members are elected or appointed at the Annual General Meeting. The approval of this committee is required to ratify ALL the decisions of the Trustees and the other committees and sub-committees of the Group.


The Trustees and Ringway Centre Management Committee

This is the committee which deals with Finance, Budgets, Grant applications, staff matters and the management of the Ringway Community Centre.


The Planning and Environment Sub-Committee

This committee responds to planning consultations from both Lewisham and Bromley. It is the long held view of the Group that the green, open spaces of Grove Park must be safeguarded from built development for the benefit of future generations. Proposals which would alter the residential nature of the area, or be detrimental to the quality of life of the people who live here, are considered and commented upon.


Marketing, Events & Fundraising Sub-Committee

Members of this committee are the social heart of the Community Group. Over the years they have organized Summer Fetes and Christmas Fairs, Jumble and Book Sales, Art Shows, Carnivals and Discos.


Additional information

Local Resident, Tenant and Voluntary Organizations and groups which regularly use the Ringway Centre (User Groups) may appoint members to sit on the Community Group General Committee. The Group also appoints interested committee members to sit on various other committees such as the Friends of Grove Park Nature Reserve, the Federation of Lewisham Conservation and Amenity Societies (FOCAS) etc. In this way the exchange of Information between all the many voluntary associations in Grove Park can take place every month at the Community Group Committee meeting.